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RUHelp is a group of several like-minded people who oppose the war in Ukraine and strive to help people affected by it. We have decided to unite in a non-profit organization, in order not only to provide support on our own (we already have experience in collecting and sending humanitarian supplies and taking out people in Luxembourg, and the placement of students and teachers in a university in Europe), but also to coordinate the efforts of all Russian-speaking living in Luxembourg who do not support the war and are ready to participate in our endeavour.

What kind of help do we want to provide

  • psychological assistance to Ukrainian refugees and Russians who experience disappointment, anxiety, shame and bitterness from what is happening now;

  • consulting, organizational, material and everyday assistance to people who want to leave Russia, and first of all, to those who suffer deprivation from the oppression of the state due to their rejection of the war, and those who are not able to survive in Russia due to the restrictions that have arisen and falling living standards;

  • protection of the rights of Russians living in Luxembourg and facing restrictions in the financial sphere, educational and work activities, as well as at the household level.


To this end, we plan to organize and implement

  • volunteer and organizational activities, assistance in socialization and adaptation;

  • targeted support for the departure of Russians abroad and their legalization;

  • conducting coordinated humanitarian actions;

  • public demonstration of our disagreement with military actions;

  • interaction with Luxembourg authorities;

  • Interaction with the Luxembourg media;

  • as well as fundraising for most of these activities, incl. holding public charitable events.

Let’s Work Together

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