Our Mission

RUHelp is a group of several like-minded people who oppose the war in Ukraine and strive to help people affected by it. We want to bring together all Russian-speaking living in Luxembourg who is against the war and are ready to participate in our endeavour.

What kind of help do we want to provide

  • psychological assistance to Ukrainian refugees and Russians who experience disappointment, anxiety, shame and bitterness from what is happening now;

  • consulting, organizational, material and everyday assistance to people who want to leave Russia, and first of all, to those who suffer deprivation from the oppression of the state due to their rejection of the war, and those who are not able to survive in Russia due to the restrictions that have arisen and falling living standards;

  • protection of the rights of Russians living in Luxembourg and facing restrictions in the financial sphere, educational and work activities, as well as at the household level.




  • Russians against the War
    dim. 12 juin
    You are against the aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, against the Putin regime, and you want to meet like-minded people and show the world that this war is not being waged on your behalf - come to our rally!
  • RUHelp Picnic
    sam. 11 juin
    Parc de Merl
    Лето в разгаре! Самое время собраться вместе! RUHelp приглашает всех желающих присоединиться к нашему пикнику в парке Merl! С нас - детские и взрослые игры, простое человеческое общение, новые знакомства! С Вас - хорошее настроение!
  • Alena Baeva & Vadym Kholodenko - RUHelp Charity Concert
    ven. 29 avr.
    Banque De Luxembourg (BDL)
    All proceedings from the concert will be donated to organisations supporting Ukrainian refugees. Please donate as much as you can - minimum €40 per ticket. IBAN: LT80 3250 0237 5217 1058 BIC: REVOLT21 (country of the bank - Lithuania) Payment reference: CONCERT - your e-mail, # of tickets
  • RUHelp Introduction meet-up
    dim. 24 avr.
    Kontur Store Wine & Coffee
    Дорогие друзья! На этой встрече мы, организаторы некоммерческой благотворительной организации RUHelp, хотели дать вам возможность познакомиться с нами и нашими планами. Мы расскажем о том, как мы видим свою миссию, и какими средствами попытаемся воплощать наше видение!


If you would like to offer your help or donation, please, do not hesitate to contact us by email or by filling out the form.

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