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About Us

RUHelp's Journey

We are RUHelp, a not-for-profit association formed in Luxembourg by Russian speakers opposing the war waged by Russia on Ukraine and the non-democratic regime in Russia.


Our group came together around the significant events of February 2022, which deeply affected all of us, regardless of when we moved out of Russia.


In response, we focused on several key activities: we collected donations and organised charity events to support Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees in Luxembourg; we supported initiatives to build a Russian-speaking community in Luxembourg, committed to democratic values. Engaging with the local mass media, we offered accurate information about Russian politics and society and raised awareness of the challenges faced by the Russians opposing to the regime and the war. Additionally, we assisted the Russians opposing the war or fearing for their safety in Russia in relocating them to Luxembourg.


Driven by a belief in solidarity, the importance of the open dialogue, and the power of community support, RUHelp is our way of contributing to the future we believe in by standing together and helping those in need.

Our Objectives

Looking Forward

As we continue our work, our focus remains on providing support where it's most needed and advocating for the causes we stand by. Here's what we aim to achieve:

  • Advocacy and Dialogue: Our engagement with the public and media targets two main objectives. Firstly, we advocate for support to Ukraine in its struggle against Putin's invasion, emphasising the importance of backing Ukraine during these challenging times. Secondly, we encourage a dialogue with Russians openly against Putin, his regime, and the war in Ukraine. Through these conversations, we aim to build bridges and promote understanding among those who stand for justice and humanity.

  • Direct Assistance: We are dedicated to our humanitarian projects, which include providing financial aid and essential supplies to Ukrainian refugees and others affected by the conflict.

  • Building Community: Creating a supportive space for Russian-speaking individuals who oppose the war is crucial to us. We believe in the strength that comes from the community and the importance of uniting to offer mutual support in these difficult times.


We believe in the power of collective action and the significant impact of everyone’s contribution. RUHelp is committed to continuing our support for those impacted by the conflict, guided by the values of compassion and solidarity.


If you want to support our cause, you can choose one of the following ways to donate


Bank transfer

Account holder: RUHELP ASBL

IBAN : LU60 6060 0020 0000 5516


Facebook page

Donate button on our Facebook page RUHelp - Russians Against the War | Facebook

Subscription with a credit card

Click Subscribe or scan the QR-Code to subscribe for a monthly donation starting from 5 Euro



If you would like to offer your help or donation, please, do not hesitate to contact us by email or by filling out the form.

RUHelp, a.s.b.l. 

RCS: F13587

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